We who run Sköllen are Kristin and Gustaf and you will also meet our children, Elicia and Klara. On the farm there are also two cats named Simba and Karamell and our dog Bamse.

Värdpar STF Sköllengården

We are a family that runs this with love and strives for you to have the best experience with us.

Gustaf grew up in Kolmården, with Kolmårdsskogarna and the proximity to Bråviken, his grandfather is from Vitemölla and he has spent the summers of his childhood on Österlen.
When our eldest daughter Elicia was born, he wanted to show Kristin Österlen. Kristin fell in love directly with nature and tranquility. We as a family also started spending our summers here in Österlen, we got engaged on Brösarp’s northern slopes and we got married in Vitaby church. We began to notice that every time we would go home to Kolmården we became low-minded. Immediately when we got home we planned for next summer and the longing down to Österlen was enormous. We slowly but surely began to dream about what a life down here would look like. We wanted to try to break the ”squirrel wheel” and find new ways.

Gustaf worked in Norrköping at a web agency and Kristin as a curator at a school.

Running a B&B was probably not in the mind, but when Sköllen went on sale it was so obvious. So we sold our newly built villa and started planning a move and a total life change and we have not regretted a second. Our motto through this journey is that You can read more about our trip in Österlenmagasinet, here and in Aftonbladet.

Thank you for choosing to stay with us at Sköllengården!

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The farm is a classic ”Skånelänga”(building style common in the southern part of Sweden) from the end of the 17th century and has been an old ”rusthållargård”(in war-times in Sweden, in the late 17th century, some farms hold a knight and horses to call in if needed to defend the country).

The farm has been an active farm until the end of the 1960s. Our sea view rooms were then machine rooms, our apartment The stable was a workshop, the family room and room 9 laundry, room 8 was a hen house.

When you enter our reception, you can imagine that once upon a time there were cows here and in our laundry room and dog-friendly breakfast room there were horses. In our apartment Stian, of course, stood the pigs.

Our house was built in 1900 and was built by Martin Nilsson born in 1870 and he wanted to build new and modern at the takeover and marriage to Elna Persson. He designed and built the house himself.

Sköllen was actually the first in the area with modern machines such as combine harvesters.

At the end of the 20th century, the farm was abandoned and decayed, renovated in 2001 to where it is today. The house next door and Sköllen have long been called Sköllagårdarna.

Till vår gård hörde ca 50 tnld god lermylla och en sjölycka av naturbete utmed stranden mot havet. Kor, hästar, drängar och pigor utgjorde en väsentlig del av den dagliga tillvaron. Själv var jag störst av fyra bröder och ihop med grannbarnen, stora och små djur och många fantasifulla naturväsen voro vi alltid inneslutna i en avskärmad men spännande gemenskap.